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Attention RV Owners

Make Money with Your RV!

ShareMyCoach.com LLC can help reduce your ownership expenses. Now with 8 franchise locations it has never been easier to put your late model RV to work “Making Money for You”. With our franchise model we are sure to not be far from where you live. With SMC we will store, maintain and market your vehicle and you get to use it whenever you want.


Now serving Southern California, Northern California, Arizona and soon, Texas, Florida and Colorado. ShareMyCoach.com can help you make money with your RV! Our rental program can help you offset your monthly payments and maintenance and storage costs. All while providing a possible tax write off as well! With our full-time dedicated management program, you would be able to use your privately-owned RV at any time it is not out on a rental. And, when it is on a rental you can use your earned credit towards a different RV from the available inventory. Your RV will be well maintained and ready to go for any adventure that comes your way. Let the pros from SMC be your management partner all for less than you might think.

Let SMC do the maintenance; you enjoy your RV when you wish.

We take care of all standard maintenance at no direct cost to you: oil and filter changes, tire rotation and replacement when needed, battery service and replacement and much more. With an online advertisement service, you must pay for all expenses and repairs. With SMC we share the expenses and you never need to pay out of pocket. Online renters will never worry about differed maintenance again. And when your coach is on a rental we take the calls, not you! 24/7 service from professionals that know your coach. SMC cares for your vehicle like a partner should.

Ready to put your RV to work?

If you own a late model Class-A, Class-C, Class-B, Travel Trailer or Toy Hauler contract us about joining SMC. Our owners receive a split of the net income from the daily rental income. Stop paying for repairs and storage and start making income from your RV investment! If you wish to talk to some of the other owners in our program let us know and we will be happy to give you a list of phone numbers and names for you to check up on our system. We also encourage you to check out our excellent Yelp reviews and our A+ BBB standings.

Let SMC eliminate the hassles and RV expenses when renting you RV.
* Renter insurance with $1,000,000 liability coverages available.
* You receive a monthly and annual statements for reporting.
* We maintain your vehicle for both the rentals and your use.
* We advertise and market your RV at no direct cost to you.
* We maximize your earnings by sharing repair costs.
* We have gated and insured storage lots, no more storing at home.
* We get your RV ready for your use and clean it upon return too!
* Want to book a rental in a bigger or smaller RV, well with SMC you can.


For more information on how to add your RV into our managed fleet and make some money on your investment, give us a call and we can provide all the information and steps to have our rental program work for you! To speak to the founder and CEO of ShareMyCoach call

714-747-6684 or send a message to: joehill@ShareMyCoach.com

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